Breeding Goals for Romeo Kennels are somewhat unique. I’ll start with a short story, my first black lab was a birthday gift, purchased from a well known breeder and trainer in Duluth in 1961. After working with the trainer for three months that summer, he made the comment you need a better dog to satisfy your hunting ambitions. So he took the dog back and replaced it with a six-month old black female, we discovered within a few weeks she was gun shy so he presented the third dog which we named Deacon, who had a lot of promise, so the trainer advised sending the dog to a professional trainer, Roger Reoppel, Maple Grove, MN to be trained for higher expectations. The gentleman who provided the first dog in 1961 who always guaranteed his dogs was Joe DeLoia who passed away in the fall of 2015 at 97 years old.  

He left an imprint on me that has influenced my principals/model today. The puppies born today are the seventh generation of puppies since the breeding program began in 1975. Some of the goals are listed below. 

Our mother dogs are hunters, retrievers, and house dogs. 

We want their offspring to be people friendly and compatible with other dogs, socialization is part of training young puppies. 

We strive for excellent health free of hereditary diseases and breed only to stud dogs who are free of hereditary issues. 

We regard intelligence as a high priority with a strong desire to please. 

Trainability and intelligence are rewarded in many ways however evidence is in puppies we have produced, nineteen dogs with Field Trial or Hunt Test titles. Some of our dogs have been involved as service dogs and agility competition.  

Our mother dogs are athletic, mid-size, 50 to 60 lb. who are mated to 65 to 
75lb titled stud dogs are free of hereditary issues. 

We breed both black and yellow Labradors. 

Our mother dogs are great caregivers to their puppies and whelped in our house.  

We also participate in partnering with selected individuals who choose one of our female puppies, retaining breeding rights for two litters.  

Breeding Goals

Selective Dog Breeding